Proceedings of
Dynamic Systems and Applications, Volume-7

Proceedings of

Neural, Parallel, and Scientific Computations, Volume-5

Instruction to Authors

First Author1 and Second Author2
1Texas A&M University, Neural Modeling Society
College Station, TX 77843-3116
2Research Center, Clark Atlanta University,
Atlanta, GA 30314


ABSTRACT:The abstract must not exceed 200 words. Begin the abstract two lines below the address.
AMS (MOS) Subject Classification. 35K60, 35K57


Authors of contributed and invited papers are requested to submit  the articles for the Proceedings in on or before September 30, 2015. A pdf file of not exceeding 8 pages of their research presentation is expected. Each additional page costs US$100.00 per page. A sample format and style files can be downloaded from "LaTeX template Archive (Zip) "Article presented in the conference only will be considered/reviewed for publications.

Manuscript submitted to the conference proceedings  has not been published previously, has not been copyrighted, is not been submitted elsewhere and the author(s) agrees that the copyright for the article will be transferred to the publisher upon acceptance of the article. A sample tex file will be mailed to you on request.


2.1. Sections
Titles of all principal SECTIONS, ACKNOWLEDGEMENT, AND APPENDICES should be typed centered capitalized bold in the same font as the manuscript. Appendices should follow REFERENCES and should be indexed (A, B,...) or enumerated ( 1,2,...).

2.1.1 Subsections
Title of subsections should be typed bold left edge adjusted with the same font as the manuscript.


Paragraphs should have 0.3 inch indent. First paragraph in a section/subsection or after expression or Figure should be typed without indent. Type all equations. Enumerate in Arabic numerals in parenthesis flush with margin. Number display equations consecutively. Reference citation should be typed in the text as follows ( Hebb, 1949; Rubner & Schulten, 1990; Ackley et al., 1985).

All acknowledgements for technical and financial support should go in the special section, which follows the text but precedes the references.


Proper figure (Black & White only) preparation is essential for optimum reproduction of line drawing and photograph. Figures and Tables should be placed as part of the text and should be numbered.


[1] D. H. Ackley, G. E. Hilton, and T. J. Sejnovski, A learning algorithm for Bolzmann machine, Cognitive Science, 19 (1985) 147-169.

[2] D. O. Hebb, Organization of behavior, Wiley, New York, 1949.

[3] J. Rubner and K. Schulten, Development of feature detectors by self-organization, Biological Cybernetics, 62 (1990) 193-199.