Neural, Parallel & Scientific Computations

Volume 19, 2011


N. G. Medhin and Wei Wan
Cooperative Games in Marketing: a Differential Game Approach
V. P. Ramesh and M. K. Kadalbajoo
Numerical Algorithm for Singularly Perturbed Delay Differential Equations with Layer and Oscillatory Behavior
Zvi Retchkiman Konigsberg
A Mixed Lyapunov_max_plus Algebra Approach to the Stability Problem for Discrete Event Dynamical Systems Modeled with Timed Petri Nets
Issic K. C. Leung and K. Gopalsamy
Stability of a Continuous Time Model
Divine Wanduku and G. S. Ladde
Global Stability of Two_scale Network Human Epidemic Dynamic Model
Mostafa I. Soliman
Mat_core: a Decoupled Matrix Core Extension for General_purpose Processors
A. A. Pantelous, A. D. Karageorgos, V. N. Tsoulkas, and G. I. Kalogeropoulos
Solutions Properties and the Extension of Classical Rank Controllability Criterion for Higher Order Linear Descriptor Matrix Differential Systems
Mohan K. Kadalbajoo and Ankit Gupta
An Overview on the Eigenvalue Computation for Matrices
Vassilia Ninni
Estimating Flexible Cost Functions on Refuse Collection in Attica Region, Greece
C. Vidhya and P. Balasubramaniam
Robust Stability of Uncertain Markovian Jumping Stochastic Cohen_Grossberg Type Bam Neural Networks with Time_varying Delays and Reaction Diffusion Terms
Issic K. C. Leung
Discrete Delays and Piecewise Constant Argument In Neuronics
Syamal K. Sen and Gholam Ali Shaykhian
Preprocessing in Matlab Inconsistent Linear System for a Meaningful Least Squares Solution
Divine Wanduku and G. S. Ladde
Fundamental Properties of a Two_scale Network Stochastic Human Epidemic Dynamic Model
Zvi Retchkiman Konigsberg
Modeling, Stability Analysis and Timetable Design For Parallel Computer Processing Systems by Means of Timed Petri Nets, Lyapunov Methods and Max_plus Algebra
H. Y. Lee, N. S. Jung, and C. S. Ryoo
A Numerical Investigation of the Roots of the Second Kind 8_Bernoulli Polynomials
M. K. Kadalbajoo and Anuradha Jha
Analysis of Fitted Spline in Compression for Convection Diffusion Problems with Two Small Parameters
Zvi Retchkiman Konigsberg
Generator Algorithms for Prime k-Tuples Using Binomial Expressions
Suja Ramakrishnan and Syamal K. Sen
Scope of Conventional Prime Testing Against Polynomial_time AKS Algorithms: Matlab Codes
Valery Covachev, Haydar Akca, and Makhtar Sarr
Discrete_time Counterparts of Impulsive Cohen_grossberg Neural Networks of Neutral Type
K. Ratchagit and V. N. Phat
Robust Stability and Stabilization Of Polytopic Discrete_time Equations With Interval Time_Varying Delays
N. G. Medhin and G. L. Porter
Numerical Solution of a Constrained Multiobjective Control Problem Modeling the Evolution of a Social Network
A. M. Mostafa and K. M. Ramachandran
Ranked Based Regression Methods to Software Reliability Models
Chunjin Wei and Lansun Chen
Dynamical Analysis of a Viral Infection Model for Pest Management
Anastassios Tassopoulos and Ioanis Anastasiadis
Environmental Management and Decision Support System
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