Communications in Applied Analysis

Volume 14, 2010


Donal OíRegan
Periodic Points for Compact Absorbing Contractions in Extension Type Spaces
George A. Anastassiou and Sorin G. Gal|
Quantitative Estimates in the Overconvergence of Some Singular Integrals
T. K. Kar, S. K. Chattopadhyay, and R. P. Agarwal
Dynamics of an Exploited Prey_Predator System With Non Monotonic Functional Response
George A. Anastassiou
Fractional Trigonometric Korovkin Theory
Ravi P. Agarwal and Fatma Karakoc
Oscillation Theory for Impulsive Partial Difference Equations
F. A. Mcrae
Monotone Method for Periodic Boundary Value Problems of Caputo Fractional Differential Equations
Z. Drici, F. A. Mcrae, and J. Vasundhara Devi
Fractional Differential Equations Involving Causal Operators
G. V. S. R. Deekshitulu and J. Jagan Mohan
Fractional Difference Inequalities
R. B. Khandeparkar, Sadashiv Deo and D. B. Dhaigude
Preexponential and Pretrigonometric Functions
I. O. Isaac and Z. Lipscey
Oscillations in Linear Neutral Delay Impulsive Deferential Equations with Constant Coefficients
Lingju Kong
Positive Periodic Solutions for Systems of Functional Differential Equations
J. C. Oliveira, J. M. Pereira, and G. Perla Menzala
Large Time Behavior of Multidimensional Nonlinear Lattices with Nonlinear Damping
A. Benmeza
Positive Solutions for a Second Order Two Point Boundary Value Problem
Jehad O. Alzabut
On Existence of Periodic Solutions for a Class of Linear Delay Difference Equations
Sebti Kerbal
Non_existence of Global Solutions to Systems of Non_autonomous Nonlinear Parabolic Equations
Mouffak Benchohra and Farida Berhoun
Impulsive Fractional Differential Equations with State_Dependent Delay
N. U. Ahmed
A Class of Nonstandard Partially Observed Stochastic Systems on a Hilbert Space and Their Optimal Structural Feedback Control
Jun Ji and Bo Yang
Positive Solutions to a Third Order Boundary Value Problem
Ismail Kombe
Sharp Weighted Rellich and Uncertainty Principle Inequalities on Carnot Groups
G. S. Ladde and M. Sambandham
Generalized Variational Comparison Theorems and Nonlinear Iterative Process under Random Parametric Perturbations
Ianna H. West and A. S. Vatsala
Generalized Monotone Iterative Technique For Impulsive Differential Systems
Marat U. Akhmet and Mehmet Turan
Bifurcation in a 3d Hybrid System
J. Vasundhara Devi, Ch. V. Sreedhar, and S. Nagamani
Monotone Iterative Technique For Integro Differential Equations With Retardation and Anticipation
Said R. Grace, Ravi P. Agarwal, and Sandra Pinelas
Oscillation Criteria for Certain Fourth Order Nonlinear Difference Equations
G. V. S. R. Deekshitulu and J. Jagan Mohan
Fractional Difference Inequalities of Bihari Type
A. Chowdhury and C. I. Christov
On the Application of Random_point Approximation For Identification of the Effective Diffusivity Coefficient of Polydisperse Spherical Suspension
Roger D. Kirby, A. G. Ladde, and G. S. Ladde
Stochastic Laplace Transform with Applications
K. R. Prasad and K. L. Saraswathi Devi
Even Number of Positive Solutions for 3nth Order Three_point Boundary Value Problem
A. G. Ladde and G. S. Ladde
Determinant Functions and Applications to Stochastic Differential Equations
I. V. Melnikova and M. A. Alshanskiy
Stochastic Problems in Spaces of Abstract Distributions
Vu Van Khuong and Tran Hong Thai
On the Asymptotics of the Difference Equation
Seshadev Padhi, Shilpee Srivastava, and Smita Pati
Positive Periodic Solutions for First Order Functional Differential Equations
Smail Djebali and Ouiza Saifi
Upper and Lower Solution Method for Singular n_Laplacian BVPs with Derivative Depending Nonlinearity on [0,+4)
S. K. Sunanda, C. Nahak, and S. Nanda
Generalized Hardy_hilbertís Inequality
Nasser_Eddine Tatar
Well_posedness for an Abstract Semilinear Volterra Integro_fractional_differential Problem
A. Anguraj and P. Karthikeyan
Existence of Solutions for Fractional Semiliear Evolution Boundary Value Problem
Johnny Henderson and Snezhana Hristova
Eventual Practical Stability and Cone Valued Lyapunov Functions for Differential Equations With "Maxima"
Biying Wang and Zhiting Xu
Oscillation of Second Order Delay Dynamic Equations with Oscillatory Coefficients
Boumedi`ene Chentouf and Aissa Guesmia
Neumann_boundary Stabilization of the Wave Equation with Damping Control and Applications
Bapurao C. Dhage
On Solvability of Operator Inclusions x 0 AxBx + Cx In Banach Algebras and Differential Inclusions
Vu Van Khuong and Mai Nam Phong
On the Global Asymptotic Stability Of the Difference Equation
Hare Krishna Nigam
On Degree of Approximation of a Function Belonging to Lip( (T), R) Class by (E, Q)(C, 1) Product Means of Fourier Series
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